Arctic Skin Cooling Fabric

Arctic Skin: Arctic Skin is an established proprietary cooling fabric developed several years ago with a brand new weaving technology that actually cools when oxygen passes through it. The dual weave pattern creates a fanning affect between the two layers of material, effectively cooling the material to approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius). Arctic Skin advertises that in temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) the towel should stay cold for approximately 2-5 hours depending on the saturation.

All the fine details that make BullieShrink Designs Cool Coats so popular, remain. Chilly Coats have the gorgeous upscale stand-out fabric, style, special design and of course, bling. Many of the cooling towels are made from polyvinyl acetate which are soft when wet but dry hard. As with the chamois, Arctic Skin cooling fabric is extremely light and breathable, making it great for dogs as well as their people. Arctic Skin remains soft, unlike many of the cooling towels on the market made from polyvinyl acetate which are soft when wet but dry hard. And of course, Chilly Coats are washable!

Multiple cooling towels and headbands have been introduced to the marketplace so I asked several people to help with an ad hoc evaluation at a hot, Southern California dog show. Only bullmastiffs were tested. Multiple cooling fabrics in the form of scarves were soaked in water, shaken (or snapped as per the instructions), and given to owners/handlers for their evaluation. Arctic Skin won hands-down. One of my samples was an Arctic Skin scarf sewn together with a Cool Coat fabric remnant Arctic Skin sample, and it was reported to remain even cooler and for longer. As long as it remains wet, a couple of shakes re-activates the cooling technology.