LArge Breed dog collars“Ann…I received Nacho’s collar in the mail today and WOW!!! The photo you sent me was beautiful but in person it is absolutely breathtaking! So far, I hope you enjoy the photos of Winston below sporting his new collar and I will be sure to get you high res shots of all the dogs with their new collars on via email! Thank you so much!”

– Emi Gonzalez

Alpaca Collar“Gorgeous!!!!! Excellent creative artist”

– Marilyn F, Van Nuys, CA

“I bought one of these collars for Slugger at the ABA Nationals. I love it. Everytime he wears it everyone wants to know where I purchased it from.”

– Donna A., Lake Village, IN

“Check out my new collar… Thanks Ann Delucas from Bullieshrink Designs!   We are big fans since 2009 national!”

– Michele McGovern

Large breed dog collar

“Our bullmastiff Riley looks amazing thanks to you!!!”

– Glen G., Lehi, UT

 Here are a couple of pictures of Cali with your beautiful collar!

– Carole Carson-Miles

“Simply gorgeous! This seller makes the most beautiful jewelry! Your designs are BREATHTAKING. Thank you.”

– Jane B., Crystal, MN

Large breed collars“Ann here are some pictures of Paxton in his collar that you made for him.  I just wanted to know how wonderful it is!  I was extremely impressed from the moment that I opened the package, the construction and hardware are awesome.  The collar is GORGEOUS and we get comments on it everywhere we go.  It has held up under the most harshest of the puppy antics and washes and wears very well.  I’ll definitely be back for more.
Thanks again!”

– Shannon Johnson and Mystical’s Beyond the Limits aka. Paxton

Bull Mastiff Dog Collar

“This creation left me breathless! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Thank you so much.”
“The necklace was even more gorgeous in person.”

– Jane B., Crystal, MN

“FABULOUS!!! Ann, you have outdone yourself : ) LOVE THESE!”
“Lindy Whyte Ann’s collars are the ultimate : )”

– LW, Pennsylvania

“Absolutely spectacular.”
“I love my ornament. It looks just like him and the whole ornament is just stunning!”

– Jane C., TX

“Lilly got her new collar today,, Thanks to Ann Delucas doing an amazing job :-)”

– Laura Calderwood

“You TRULY outdid yourself this time!!! I did receive the collars on my way to the shows this past weekend…I stopped and got them out of the mailbox and away we went. It was perfect because I was seeing Winston and I was able to give it to him as a very nice congratulatory gift…won WD for a point on Thursday and his first Major, at 6 months old, on Saturday. The collars are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and I can honestly say Clara’s is the nicest in my collection so far! I LOVE the brass buckle and D ring you put! Both are very antique looking which is exactly my taste. Sorry it took me so long to follow up with you…I’m trying to catch up on all of my emails little by little. We NEED (want?) to get started on designing two more! One for Nacho and one for his daughter Mia. I can tell you that I would definitely like the same style as Clara’s, same thickness, same brass buckles…Nacho’s colors are deep cranberry and gold and Mia’s colors are pale yellows and lighter greens. We will definitely get you a bunch of photos! Would you like them emailed? Thanks again!!!”

– Emi Gonzalez