Posh Parkas

Posh Parka winter coats provide protection for your dog from rain, wind and cold


Designed for Bullmastiffs and large breed dogs but also available for smaller dogs Standard Thinsulate Posh Parka

BullieShrink Posh Parkas are designed to protect cover your dog from head to tail. The back extends from neck to tail with a large collar that protects the neck and back of the head.  A bib extends from the chest and through the front legs and belly  Large straps connect on each side and are held securely in place with Velcro.  Luxurious minky faux fur or fleece that provides extra warmth and protection from the elements. A slit just below the collar allows a lead to attach to the collar without compromising the dog’s warmth. Decorative buttons attached to the straps for sophisticated elegance and design.

CH Domer's Swaggering at Faithdriven RN CGCA TT, "Swagger". Picture complements of Debby Hiblan-McLaughlin.                                            Polartec Posh Parka in burgundy with Luxury Faux Fur in rabbit   




Posh Parkas currently are available in three styles: Polartec Power Shield Posh Parka,  and Ultrex 2 (Modeled by Swagger, below right), and quilted or other warm fabric (see Beckham above right modeling a Quilted Gold Medallion).

Polartec Power Shield and Ultrex       


  • Weather resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Comfortable stretch
  • Durable
  • Easy care
  • Available in multiple styles and weighs
  • Versatile all-weather resistant protection

Notice the ease of movement for athletic dogs. Light and breathable.

Bulhavens Game Changer "Gronk" wearing his custom designed Posh Parka. Complements of Mary Hannigan.

Luxury faux fur or fleece lining for added warmth and protection. Machine washable.
Personalize and customize your dog’s coat with embroidery and designs.

Due to website maintenance, available collars are not listed.  To order, please send inquiries by Messenger on Facebook @bullieshrink or email: bullieshrink@gmail.com.