About BullieShrink Designs

My name is Ann DeLucas and I am the designer and artisan of BullieShrink Designs.  I was born and raised in NW Pennsylvania and left after high school, looking for an adventure and wanting to see life beyond the Northeast.  I joined the US Navy which brought me to San Diego, CA where I’ve lived ever since.  I’ve always missed the change of seasons, the gorgeous fall splendor and the first snows of winter, however the older I get the more I appreciate the climate of Southern Cal!

I’ve always loved crystals, color, and sparkle.  As a young child I would get into my mother’s jewelry box and play with her crystal necklace loving how it sparkled and changed color in the light.  That little girl in me never changed and when I discovered the gorgeous colors and sparkle in dichroic, lampwork and Murano glass beads, I put them together with crystals and other beads into necklaces.  I then discovered iron-on crystals and started designing clothing.

The collar designs grew out of necessity because I wanted my dogs to have gorgeous collars but couldn’t find what I wanted for my large dogs:  I am currently the proud “mother” of 2 beautiful brindle bullmastiffs. (Shown above from left:  Breanna “Bree” , Red Baron, aka “Snoopy”, and [bottom] Brooke).  I would see gorgeous sparkling collars at shows for smaller dogs and I’ve even found lovely larger collars but they were designed for show and not substantial enough to hold these powerful dogs.  So I designed luxurious collars with magnificent trims that combine style with function and security.