Designer Dog Collars

My collars are designed and constructed to provide bullmastiffs and other large dogs stylish and sophisticated collars and leashes that reflect the dignified character they deserve yet provide safety, security and durability necessary in a collar.  A variety of beautiful trims are sewn securely to Polypropylene webbing.  The collars are adjustable with welded steel hardware. 
I design and hand-craft some of the finest, most luxurious yet functional domestic dog collars and leads. The quality is unsurpassed.  
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Collar Styles

  • CLASP:  Double-sided clasp closure with steel, nickel or hard plastic.  The steel is available in brass and silver colored.  Also offered are powder-coated steel buckles and matching hardware (not always available)  ask for information.   Preferred collar design for rhinestone, beaded, sequin or ornate trims.

  • MARTINGALE:  Adjustable collars which fit over the head.  A second loop attached to the collar pulls snugly and securely around the dog’s neck.   Excellent design for personalized collars with vinyl or embroidered lettering. 

  • MARTINGALE-CLASP:   Offers the security of the Martingale with the flexibility and ease of the clasp.  Martingale-Clasp collars are especially nice for dogs with large heads.   You can adjust the collar to fit, then unlike the Martingale which requires widening and shortening it to fit over the head, the collar attaches easily with the clasp. 
  • SLIP: Beautiful trim on webbing that wears in a choke design, slipping easily over the head and laying loosely but tightening snuggly when attached to the lead.  
  • COVERED-CRIMP:  Martingale-Clasp collars made with any available trim on Polypropylene webbing.  Removable Herm Sprenger prongs are sewn on Velcro pads that attach to the bottom of the collar.  Available prongs sizes (prong diameter):  Small 2.25mm,  Medium 3.0mm, Large 3.25mm, X-Large 3.8mm.

Adjusted picture and credit Gunny- WEBSITE_1Please browse through my site and see the wide variety of beautiful collars from every day wear to special occasion.  I also offer custom-designed collars specially made in your favorite color, design and style.  
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"Turquoise Lotus" Clasp Collar.
Teal Lotus Flower Martingale-Clasp. Woven trim with vibrant shades of teal contrasted with olive green on black with gold (not metallic) accents. The trim is bordered with blue and gold design. Light gold cuddle-satin covers the Polypropylene webbing for dogs with sensitive necks or concerns about the collar flattening your dog's coat. Brass double-sided clasp and hardware.

Size/Length: L-XL 24″- 30″
Width: 2"
"Tree Of Life" Clasp Collar
"Tree of Life" clasp collar. Woven trim with vibrant shades of green, teal and brown on a dark brown Polypropylene webbing. Brass clasp collar. Adjustable. Brass double-sided clasp and hardware.

Size/Length: M - L 23″-27″
Width: 2".
"Purple Medallion Crystal" Clasp Collar With Swarovski crystals
"Purple Crystal Medallion" clasp collar. Deep Purple embroidered trim with light metallic silver accents, this trim is elegant yet subtle. Purple Medallions are accented by large Swarovski crystals. These crystals are firmly attached to the back with rimset fixtures. Nickel-plated silver double-sided clasp. Heavy silver colored hardware. Purple Polypropylene webbing.

Size/Length: L-XL 25″-30″
Width: 1 1/2".
"Tree of Life in Burgundy" Martingale-Clasp Collar
"Tree of Life" trim pattern in new, fresh colors. The 2" wide woven trim is rich with heathered lavender, olive, white and gold (not metallic) weave with burgundy tree outline and border. Lavender cuddle-satin covers the Polypropylene webbing for dogs with sensitive necks or concerns about the collar flattening your dog's coat. Nickel-plated silver double-sided clasp; burgundy "D" ring and slide.
The Martingale-Clasp collar functions to allow the ease of a Martingale without having to buy extra large to get it over the dog's head. .

Size/Length: L-XL 25″- 30″
Width: 2"

Please wear all dog collars with caution.  Never leave a collar on an unattended dog or with multiple dogs together.  I can tell you from experience that you can cut my collars with sharp scissors but please, never put your pets in the position where you have to.  You and your pets can be seriously injured.