“Running Bullie” Design

Cardigan Set

The 2-piece cardigan set is by Port Authority.  Shown as a short-sleeve tee with matching long- sleeve cardigan.  The Running Bullie design has approximately 300 Swarovski crystals in two sizes.  The cardigan shows a paw outlined in Swarovski crystals in the top corner.

Port Authority changes its designs every year so the current style may differ from the one shown.  Please contact me with any questions.

On tee:  Swarovski crystal “Running Bullie”. Also available on Short-Sleeve Tee, Long-Sleeve Tee, or Sweatshirt (see below).

Cardigan features Swarovski crystal paw.

All of the crystals and metallics are set with a professional-grade heat press machine.


Shown below is the Running Bullie surrounded by colorful paws designed in metallic iron-on.  The size is approximately 8″ x 7″.

Running Bullie in Paw Print Heart

Running Bullie in Paw Print Heart