Cool Coats


BullieShrink Designs is celebrating our 20th anniversary of our popular custom-designed Cool Coats

Throughout the years the coats have evolved in function and design. They are lightweight, soft and washable.  With the addition of proprietary athletic cooling fabric lining, our Cool Coats cool quickly and consistently throughout the coat.  As long as they’re wet, just shake and the cooling mechanism is reactivated.  And no chemicals! 

Of course the sparkle and sophisticated elegance remains the same but now we offer coats that are customized and personalized with embroidered names, kennels, themes (e.g., sports, flowers, etc.) and complex embroidery designs.

Princess Daphne

Princess Daphne Rains aka GCB Gaffle’s Paw Patrol of Windswept CGC TKN. Photo by Debbie Fields Rains.









Bulhaven’s Game Changer “Gronk”. Picture complements of Mary Hannigan and Greg Burns.


BullieShrink Designs Cool Coats feature a proprietary athletic cooling fabric. The remarkable cooling properties work quickly and effectively to provide a  cooler, more comfortable and sustained and heat relief. It’s easy to use: Just wet, shake and wear. The cooling mechanism begins immediately and cools faster than other cooling materials. When the cooling starts wearing off, just shake. As long as the fabric is wet, the cooling will reactivate.  This athletic cooling fabric is extremely light and breathable, making it great for dogs. Unlike many of the other products, this fabric remains soft and light.   And as always, these coats are washable!  No chemicals used in the cooling process.


About BullieShrink Design Cool Coats: My Cool Coats are designed for fashion and function. Not only are my Cool Coats striking and showy, but they protect your dog from becoming overheated outside and also inside, such as crowded, stuffy ring venues. They also help pets stay cool in times of emergency such as with power outages during a storm. The outer layer of my Cool Coat is stylish and sophisticated with your choice from a variety of colors and styles. The entire outer edge is decorated with showy trim and/or braid. Fringe or dangle trim is available upon request.


Click Here for a guide on how to measure your dog for a Cool Coat.

Cool Coats For Sale

“Sparkling Coral Reversible Sequin”
“Sparkling Coral Reversible Sequin”
Rich coral with sewn metallic sequins in silver, gold and iridescent gold. Metallic gold braid borders the entire coat.
Size: 26” x 16”.
“Pink & Gold Reversible Sequins”
“Pink & Gold Reversible Sequins”
Gorgeous rich rose pink sewn-on reversible coin sequins. The reverse is bright metallic gold. Matching wide dark pink braid with iridescent pink sequins surrounds the entire coat. Brilliant &sparkling.
Size: 26” x 16”.

Don’t see what you need?  Please email me at for custom orders.  

Custom orders are available.  Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the gorgeous colors, unique personalization, and embroidery to see my unique designs.


Peacock Light Blue

Colorful peacock plumes on light blue/teal

Red Hologram with Silver Stars

Bright red hologram evenly covered with large silver stars. Kyra's coat also has dark blue sequin braid and a red, white and blue heart-shaped sequin patch. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boleslawski Peters.

Green Iridescent Tiger Stripes

Tie-Dyed green with colors that vary from emerald to lime with dark green iridescent overlay.

Red Seascape

Red Seascape fabric. Tie-dyed red with metallic red accents

Hot Pink Hologram Stripes

Vibrant pink striping over multicolored hologram

University of Florida Cool Coat

This is Warren Goldman's "Chubby" wearing his UF Gator's Cool Coat.  Blue metallic with Gator's green sequin trim and Gator's orange straps.  Custom designed and embroidered. Note the Gator applique on the rear panel.

Orange Seascape

MBIS MBISS MV-1 GCHS Haines Abel for Queans CD BN RA CGC TT owned by Jill Kessler-Miller and Yolanda Gallardo.  He's wearing the Orange Seascape design.  This is an orange tie-dyed which results in blends from deep orange to golden.  Iridescent gold metallic overlay designs provide the Seascape pattern.  Photo provided by Jill Kessler Miller.


Teal Fish Scales

Iridescent teal small fish scale print on black. The colors of the coat range from teal to green and purple

Paint Splatter- Purple

Purple hologram with multi-colored iridescent metallic design

Pink & Silver Iridescent Sequin

Hot pink sequins blended with iridescent silver. Shown with silver braid border. Sequins are sewn onto the fabric

Seascape-Blue Tie-Dyed

Castro is wearing Seascape in blue tie-dyed with colors that range from indigo blue to sky. Bright blue metallic Seascape design overlay. Photo by Velika Turner.

Galaxy in Teal

Galaxy design shown with colors of teal, pink, gold, purple on black. Shown with teal sequin braid

Flames- Lime & Orange

Lime green with flame print in orange and dark brown. Shown with green sequin braid border.

Varigated Sequins Lime to Teal

Iridescent sequins in colors that range from lime, emerald, teal and blue. Errow's Cool Coat is shown with black dangle trim covered with black gimp braid. Chole Eull took this picture with Errow standing in snow.

Orange Crush

Orange tie-dyed coat with colors that range from dark orange to light yellow. Iridescent silver sparkle overlay.

Green Iridescent Swirls

Dark green with large multicolored swirls. A green metallic overlay gives sparkle and shine. Shown with green sequin braid.

Pink Diamond

Light pink hologram with silver iridescent diamond-shaped overlay. Shown with silver sequin braid.

Red Avatar

Silver Iridescent on rich red background

Green Paint Splatter

Green hologram with iridescent dark green wavy lines and multicolor metallic splatter

Black Swirls with Beaded Fringe

Shiny black on white hologram. Dangle bead fringe

Pink Tie-Dyed Anaconda

My girl Beamer modeling. Bright pink tie-dyed to include orange and gold. Bright pink overlay. Hologram

Blue Wave

Swirls of teal, pink, purple and yellow over dark blue. Cobalt blue metallic overlay makes this coat shimmer

Black and Gold Iridescent

Black with antique gold metallic and iridescent silver accents. Thank you Melanie Yellish for this picture.

Impressionist Tile Sequin

Multicolor hologram featuring various shades of purple, blue, and green in this tile sequin coat.

Multi Pink Hologram Paint Splatter

Multicolor shades of pink, white, red, teal, green and yellow on dark purple/black. Metallic hologram sparkle overlay give a shimmer and shine.

Mr Biggs Custom Applique

Custom red satin applique heart with embroidered edges and name in comic font. Sewn onto Blue hologram with white stars.

Seascape in Tie-Dyed Orange

Tie dyed orange that blends from dark orange to yellow with bright iridescent metallic gold overlay in a Seascape design

Pink Camouflage

8 week old Kindle wearing her new pink camouflage cool coat. Picture complement of Pam Henson.

Pink Tie-Dyed Rainshowers

Pink tie dyed with colors varying from dark rose to light gold. Iridescent silver rainshower print overlay. Picture provided by Jill Roman.

Purple Avatar Custom Coat

Purple avatar iridescent on black. Custom design and embroidery.

Flames - Rainbow

Multicolors blending from purple to aqua, rose and lavender with iridescent flames.

Red Avatar

Silver Iridescent on rich red background

Peacock Light Blue

Colorful peacock plumes on light blue/teal

Pink Hologram Leopard with Silver 27x17

Teal Polka Dot

Bright teal hologram (shiny) with iridescent polka dot accents.

Pink Polka Dot

Pink hologram (shiny) polka dogs (quarter size) on black hologram.


Multicolor rectangular sequins sewn onto fabric on one end so they overlap.

Purple Lame

Rainshowers Pink Tie-Dyed

Pink tie-dyed fabric with colors that range from dark rose to yellow.  Iridescent metallic silver "rainshower" pattern overlay.

Purple Iridescent Stripe

Royal purple hologram (shiny) with iridescent silver irregular stripes

Red Seascape

Red Tie-Dyed print that blends from dark red to a light orange. Red iridescent metallic "Seascape" print overlay.

Paint Splatter - Purple

Purple hologram with multicolor iridescent splatter design

Pink Rain

Pink tie-dyed with colors ranging from dark rose to yellow. Iridescent metallic silver overlay "rain"

RWB Stars

Blue hologram (shiny) with red and white stars.

Red Iridescent Sequin

Red and silver iridescent sequins sewn onto red.

Red Shattered Glass

Red iridescent

Violet Tie Dyed

Colors that range from light violet to dark purple. Silver metallic sparkle accents

Seascape in Orange

Orange Tie-Dyed with colors that range from dark orange to yellow. Gold iridescent metallic overlay in "Seascape" pattern.

Custom Univ of FL Gators

This is a photo design of a custom embroidered and personalized cool coat. When designing a customized coat, I often will do a photo proof

Custom Designed Cool Coat Proof

Photo rendering of proposed custom designed cool coat with applique, special font and embroidery thread.

Teal Polka Dot

Bright teal hologram (shiny) with iridescent polka dot accents.

Pink Polka Dot

Pink hologram (shiny) polka dogs (quarter size) on black hologram.

Gold Fish Scale

Iridescent gold hologram with black "fish scale" design

Peacock - Green

Peacock plumes in green, purple, gold, indigo, and other blended colors on tan.  Hologram (shiny)

Teal flames

Gala Sequins

Sequins in teal, gold, pink and blue sewn onto fabric.

Blue Peacock

Blue, green, purple and gold peacock plumes on black.

Galaxy Dark Blue

Dark blue hologram with pink and multiple other colors in galaxy print.

Teal Fish Scales- Small

Teal iridescent with black small fish scale designs. Colors range from teal to green and indigo with light or movement

Turquoise Leopard

Turquoise hologram (shiny) print with black flock leopard print

Teal with Multicolord Leopard Print

Bright teal hologram (shiny) with colorful leopard print.